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Butterfly; with breathing and head rotation

During the performance we focus on:

  • short inhale by turning the head when finishing the stroke,
  • lowering the head quickly and actively right after the inhale


  • wavy body motion started with head followed by shoulders, hips and knees and finish with the flutter kick of the feet,
  • feet we need to extend and turn inwards,
  • extension of the knees when finishing the kick,
  • appropriate amplitude and frequency of hip movement and the kicks,
  • appropriate depth of the kicks, so we make bubbles with feet,
  • almost extended arm entry in the line of the shoulder by the same side,
  • correct arm bending during the stroke,
  • finish of the stroke with extended arm,
  • acceleration of the stroke,
  • returning the arms by rising the shoulders out of the water,
  • gliding in extended position after returning the arms.